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Machinima – THE GREAT DANCE, Myth of Nataraja (and Macbeth)

Off the back of a range of research in this area this year and from seminars at SPAA and Museum of Sydney in 2007 (The Mixed Reality Perfect Storm – slides below) (reminding me of other mixed reality performances back to 1995, where I produced a large dance show at the Birmingham exhibition centre with dance and music students from the BRIT School – live music and dance synchronised against virtual projected avatars) I have been busy preparing some Second Life mixed reality (real dance and avatar dances combined) clips and during various pieces of production research.

I put together this little mash-up of cool sims, avatars and very nice animations. I may use these concepts in collaborations with dancers coming up too.

“Nataraja is both the destroyer and the creator of the universe. He dances away the destruction of a world of illusion followed by the creation of a world of enlightenment.”

I recommend you also go to the YouTube site and see the high def version – it is worth it!

Second Life – THE GREAT DANCE “Myth of Creation through Avatar Dance” A FILM BY GARY HAZLITT (all choreography and avatars played by Gary Hazlitt)

Machinimatography, Music & Editing © GARY HAYES 2008.

If you want even better quality and hear the ‘cool’ music in stereo then download (medium rez) 64MB MP4 from here


  • Bettina Tizzy’s NPRIL npirl.blogspot.com & Alpha Auer for locations inspiration
  • Animations (some): Sine Wave & Abramination
  • Avatars (some): Grendel’s Children, June Dion
  • Music: Spectrasonic’s Omnisphere & Logic. Specially composed GARY HAYES

UPDATE: This video also premiered at Moves09, one of the leading Dance/Film festivals in UK in April and featured for 3 months in the Second Life, Linden Lab Machinima Showcase site.


Also threw together this nice video of a sim creation I was involved with very early on but was since developed by the folk in the credits after the video.

A ‘Space Navigator’ Machinima and Music by Gary Hayes. Filmed and edited by Gary Hayes.

(Note: This film does not demonstrate the many interactive elements, social intentions or literary integration. Please visit the island to see those first ‘virtual’ hand.)

A medium resolution (98MB MP4) download is available here.

Macbeth in Second Life Credits. Guide & credits here

SLURL – http://slurl.com/secondlife/Macbeth/44/54/54

A collaboration by Angela Thomas, Kate Richards and Kerreen Ely-Harper, from an original idea by Kerreen Ely-Harper.

  • Producer: Kate RIchards (Nini Dubrovna)
  • Director: Kereen Ely-Harper (Dorothy Porta)
  • Virtual World Content Designer: Angela Thomas (Anya Ixchel)
  • SL Design Consultant: Adam Nash (Adam Ramona)

This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.

Initial stages of this project were mentored and developed through the Laboratory for Advanced Media Production (LAMP) at Australian Film TV and Radio School (AFTRS).

This project has been funded and built by the New Media Consortium

NMC Team:
Larry Johnson (Larry Pixel)
Alan Levine (CDB Barkley)
Rachel Smith (Ninmah Ash)
NMC Second Life Building Team:
Chris Holden (CJ Carnot)
Beth Satchjen (Stella Costello)

Voiceover Actors:
Maggie Blinco
Boris Brkic
Christopher Morris
Ophelia Of The Spirits
Alice Parkinson
Evelyn Parsonage
Recorded at Megaphone Studios
Engineer: Shane Fahey

Additional thanks to:
Larry Johnson
Therese Fingelton
Gary Hayes
Jeff Wegener
Ian Waddely
Nick Noakes

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  1. I like the way you play. I do.

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