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Hiding and Seeking in Second Life, Cyborg Style

What to do on Easter Saturday afternoon? Why not create a quick “Cyborg questioning existance, looking for something and some meaning in her life” machinima. This idea came about from playing with one of the default characters in CT5 (Crazy Talk 5) and using various imported songs. I quickly made a spaceship so the ‘cyborg’ can be seen in full body, and in which I (the Golem Robot character on the right seat) can sit and drive around various sims. The lip sync character is a CT5 ‘auto lip-sync’ take against one of my long time ago ex students (now a fully fledged pop diva) Imogen Heap’s wonderful track “Hide and Seek” (I wanted something vocoderised, slightly robotic) although this goes a lot deeper thanks to Immi’s great words. Also the subtle head movements and eye positions were recorded in separate live takes withing CT5.

I needed three appropriate sims for the three phases of the song. Ones that had a sense of dawning, evolving and evolved – also that were off the ground, so the spaceship could move around, inside, under, over etc: Three sprang immediately to mind. Planet Mongo a space city (evolved – spelt wrong on video, not Mondo! sorry rush job ;-(), Svarga (dawning) and Deakin (that I built – evolving). The main process was a quick 5 hours but editing took about an hour longer than normal because of rendering, all those green screen shots (the head shots against the reversed Space Navigator backgrounds).

A medium rez, stereo MP4 52MB version can be downloaded here

Anyways hope you like this quick ‘sketch’ – the following info is mostly duped from the YouTube description.

A machinima by Gary Hazlitt completed on easter Saturday afternoon 2008. The song ‘Hide and Seek’ is by Imogen Heap from the album ‘Speak for Yourself’.

Special thanks to the creators of Second Life sims Planet Mongo built by Lumiere Noir (spelt wrong on video sorry, rushed, not Mondo!) and Svarga built by Svarog Laukosargas. Deakin sim and spaceship for this video built/designed by Gary Hayes.

Lip sync animation created using Crazy Talk 5, green screened in Final Cut. The spaceship shots were filmed live in Second Life.

Avatanimation, machinimatography and editing (in the usual 5 hours total!) by Gary Hazlitt

A JustVirtual Production
© Gary Hazlitt 2008

5 Responses to “Hiding and Seeking in Second Life, Cyborg Style”

  1. Is that 5 hours +1 hour editing or 5 hours + more?
    The lip synch is wierd in a wonderful way. I haven’t seen lipsynch before. It opens up a whole new world of possibilities. Great work! 🙂

  2. Gary Hazlitt says:

    Hi Laurel. Thanks for the comment 🙂 Yea about 6 hours in total mainly cause it took a while (40 mins) rendering the Cyborg head against the moving backgrounds. Most of the machinima’s on my YouTube channel are done in around 5 hours…usually 1 pre-prod, 2 filming, 2 hours conversion/editing. Machinima as a process and tools like auto lip sync to audio track make these ‘sketches’ so much more time efficient. I now conceive ideas with the production work flow in mind – hence many are done to existing lyrical music tracks. Doing scripted voice overs would add another 5 hours or so depending on length. I hear on the grapevine that the quality of CT5 will be inside Second Life before the end of the year, so your voice into SL will trigger the lips of the avatar in a similar way! Will make the experience even more immersive and wonderful.

  3. A very nice machinima video, thanks for posting that. I did found the lip movement very well done. One of the best machinima videos I have seen so far.

  4. Gary Hazlitt says:

    Thanks very much VWW…I am glad you liked the lip synch element and I suppose it still is one of the key things missing from second life at the moment – although there is finally some automatic ‘mouth opening’ to inbuilt voice – you still have to post-process the face to get it looking more realistic. Cheers

  5. Bletaverse says:

    Too bad, i cannot see it here in germany, youtube took it out.

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