Australian Locations on the Second Life Grid

In the course of my work (educational, creative and commercial) it is often useful to know the proximity of islands to each other on the greater grid. A cool full grid map was recently uploaded onto Wikipedia by SignpostMarv Martin and although some of the far right part is cut-off affecting a few sims, I found and labelled the following Oz Islands – The Pond, ABC, Cog, AFTRS, USQ, Marni, Riverina, Monash, Victoria Univ, Murdoch, Deakin, QUT, Griffith, Terra Incognita, Jokaydia, La Trobe Univ, RMIT, Regor (Aussie Land), Australia and NMC (US edus). Also note this is only about half of the full grid – there is an equivalent area to the left of this map but as no Oz islands were there, crop, crop 😉

You obviously can’t read the labels on the map below, clicking will take you to the high rez version. Enjoy. Oh and if I have missed an Australian sim (or related to) please add in comments and I will update if I get at least 5!

Modified map is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

Australian Sims in SL

Although the distance between, or proximity to fellow inhabitants doesn’t really affect you operationally in Second Life it is nice to be able to just call up the map and in one quick hop, double click a neighbour’s sim to ‘pop over’, feels all communal and friendly. I tp all over the grid and meet anyone and everyone but it is nice to be back in Marni on a Sunday morning and just pop over to AFTRS, The Pond, USQ and Cog with a simple double click 😉 And there are many other benefits too, especially when adjacent, joined at the hip so to speak – over to you!

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