My Mini Machinima of My Build of a Slice of Melbourne

Still playing catch-up on blog posts. Busy, busy as always creating big builds in this world for entertainment properties, real world companies, learning and some just for pleasure – but I still have time to make delightful machinima 😉 This one is of mine and a friends (Benjo Zabelin) build of a little ‘piece-of-a-place’ called Melbourne, Australia (still not sure where that is!).

Another Gary, a bio one ;-), managed to take over four hundred images plus hours and hours of sound so I could recreate what it is like to be out there, with you folk in one of your most popular cities. Umm very cramped I must say. Anyway as you can see below it generated lots of Second Life press interest and it was fun creating a few token, Second Life not possible in real life elements.

ABC Second Life Melbourne Laneways Soft Launch 12

Here’s a SLURL too. and a load of links…

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Shhhhhhhh – melbourne laneways in second life. NOOOOOOOO

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Avatars in Melbourne ABC Laneways 05

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