The Boisterous Billabong Bar

The Pond Bong Overload 07, originally uploaded by Gary Hayes.

When I built the Pond islands over 6 months ago I intended this area to be the most organic of all the spaces on the then three Pond islands. This area was also designed to provide a gateway to the outback and Uluru and the juxtaposition of busy bar, social space and real open space (a whole sim for the outback) was planned. That zen like combination is important, psychologically we like to be on the edge of wilderness – facing open sea, deserts and mountains. The call of the wild. Some other parts of the islands were not rich, social and detailed (due to other forces) and that is reflected in how popular they are. Anyway.

Telephoto Bong


The bar itself was roughly designed on my own memories of Queenslander and Western Australia shacks and bars in the outback. I had to use some Western USA textures on the walls etc: due to time contraints and the whole thing took about a day to do – plus a few extra hours later on the internal details like the beer pumps and original seating.

Crowded Billabong Bar1

I noticed after a couple of weeks that people were also gathering outside the bar in front of the Pond so I quickly added a fire, bbq and seating plus extra flooring. This has now become one of the busiest 4000sqm areas in SL. The area at launch was supposed to have live bands, singers, streamed music and so on. These are still being planned but it is slow to materialise on a commercial sim, as it costs real money plus a bunch of legals – yet I am amazed that avies still gather and meet here in such large numbers. Less to be entertained but more to socialise, get away from the less aesthetically designed sims and gather before heading off elsewhere.

Tegg and Friends

The other night we had over 60 avies all gathered in this small area after a TV programme in Australia. The top picture is a shot I took of that. Below are other images that give a feel for what takes place here including floods, small battles and endless winged flirting. Quite a few folk are already creating deep stories and role playing in this space which is great and there are many secret places for the initiated, the pash room for one 😉

Pond Flood 02

XMas Early in Oz

Birds of a Feather

Second Life Pond Wars 04

Pregnant Flur at Billabong 01

Giraffes on Ice

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3 Responses to “The Boisterous Billabong Bar”

  1. DebzVella says:

    Thank-you for creating one of the most vibrant places in Second Life.

    The Billabong Bar has become more or less my home in Second Life, anytime of the day or night you can pop in there and find a friend or a potential new friend.

    Many have dropped in on a whim and have now become one of the ‘regulars’. A large part of the ‘regulars’ are Australians but we are now seeing more International visitors attracted by the laidback nature of the setting and the people.

    Sitting on top of the Billabong Bar and watching the sun go down over Uluru is one of the most beautiful and dare I say spiritual experiences in Second Life.

    The Pond that forms the backdrop of the BBQ area freezes over in Winter allowing people to skate and has some wonderful reefs to explore. Watch out for the sharks tho! 🙂

    Drop in to explore and stay for the company…….

    Once again Gary, thank-you, for you have created a truly unique and magnificent space. I for one, appreciate it!

  2. Gary Hazlitt says:

    Hey Debz,

    Thanks for the lovely comments, sorry I was a bit delayed in getting back! I agree the setting and ambience of the place is second to none and glad you really think the ‘spirituality’, my interpretation (as far as I can manage) of the outback – where I have spent many months on and off.

    I think it is a great place to hang out and I am more satisfied because that whole area was really something extra I did as a labour of love and not on any original brief.

    I hope you will keep going there 😉

    Best Gary

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