Intelligence Jim But Not As We Know It

Second Life ABC Bot 02, originally uploaded by Gary Hayes.

Not sure who Jim is but the steel man sitting down is one of many early prototypes of an Artificial Intelligence Chat Bot I am experimenting with. The back-end engine for this one is freely hosted at and I am using a mixture of existing libraries across a range of subjects but also creating specific ones to various commercial and non-for profit sim developments.

I have started to use several off the shelf sculpties (single, colour map formed smooth prim) of the human form. On this one you can see I also mapped a 360 scan of one of those bio forms which makes it look a little stupid – especially with the hat. I am also doing a script at the moment that will make his head turn and arms move in synch with his chat, but the easiest way to do this is to log in as an avatar and attach the chat bot ‘object’ to the body of the avie that is kept awake artificially.

Second Life ABC Bot Closeup

The quality of the automatic responses is improving each day and I think we are only a couple of years away from having a chat bot that is unrecognisable (in chat at least) from many, if not most, of the current SL inhabitants.

Posted by Gary Hazlitt from inside Second Life

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