Windmills of Your Mind


It was a quiet New Years Day evening here on Marni and the frame rate of the world was very high, so I set myself the goal to create another film in less than five hours. To go alongside one of my favourite bio songs, Windmills of Your Mind, which has wonderfully evocative narrative and imagery. The song was sung in one take and I did the arrangement a couple of days earlier. The film was also a chance to try out some very experimental camera work, before unseen, which was great fun.

Windmills Frame

Kylie Wollongong, a close friend, was around in the early hours to play a key walk-on ‘break’ up role and I got permission from some fabulous SL artists, Clames Clanger and my two neighbours from the previous post, to use some of their creations to ‘revolve’ with. I also ventured around SL to find some Windmills but other than that it was all filmed around Marni as well as high up in the stars.

There are two embedded versions on the site here (Google first and YouTube below – you choose) but I would recommend you download a higer quality version (and stereo sound!) I have set up – 45MB WMV but worth it, click here to download it. The video makes a nice partner to the one from XMas day, although that one suffered from serious but unavoidable frame rate issues. That one is also available as better quality download, a 54MB Mp4 here.



  • Filmed and produced in Second Life by Gary Hazlitt
  • Song “Windmills of Your Mind” Lyric: Marilyn & Alan Bergman, Music: Michel Legrand, Arr: Gary Hazlitt
  • Special thanks to Second Life Artists: Space Spinners: Clames Clanger. Sound Sculptures: Adam Ramona and Mashup Islander.
  • Edited by Gary Hazlitt

Posted by Gary Hazlitt © 2007 from inside Second Life

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