A Wonderful World

I know it has been a long time since the last post, but I have been extremely busy with many exciting developments. As well as the many commissions coming along to design and build islands, trying out some more advanced LSL (scripting) and delivering lots of SL training sessions, I have bought, and am now sharing a WHOLE Island with four friends. Yay! It is wonderful to have such a low lag existence and be close to some extremely talented avies, protected nature and next to all amenities (namely Esperance and other Australiana sims). More to follow on all these cool developments in the next post. Such investment, is of course contrary to the sentiments of this video post as you will see. It is the end of the year and the bio world are celebrating something called Christmas, so it has been pretty quiet in here. I took the opportunity to make a little video on Christmas day called ‘A Wonderful World’, complete with me singing, yes, and arranging the music on my magic white grand piano (where any sound is possible!). Anyway here it is, if you were around the grid on XMas day you may even be in there!


Now for excuses. I only had about five hours to do everything and the frame rate of the video was quite slow on the day for some grid ‘bug’ reason but I went ahead regardless. Half way through the production, which shows some of the magic of this place, I suddenly thought of having some parallel text that gives a perspective of that bio world – how society is unfairly distributing wealth, people are dying and how natural resources are depleting. The statistics I found were very depressing but I put them in as they added an important counter-balance, although you see some of this raised in this, Second Life world.

I think the video really works on four distinct levels:

  1. A celebration of the world of Second Life
  2. That this place has the potential to also raise serious issues
  3. There are many things we should learn and take heed of from the bio world
  4. That many bios are escaping into this world and letting their own ‘real’ world degrade

I would be interested to see what you think of the video as it was done in a bit of a rush, but I enjoyed all the flying around and of course you get a sneak preview, in many of the scenes, of Marni (our new island) and my new house which I have nearly completed – but the quality of the video doesn’t do it any justice, wait for some great pics in the next post.

For some light entertainment I have been training lots of avies and taking them on tours of the world. We had some fun last week when after various lessons in filming, building, lots of trips we did a short lesson in avatar changing – so a bunch of TV folk posed by the decorative ‘seasonal’ tree on Esperance for the obligatory group photo – not a crowd you would want to meet on a dark sim! (I’m the large black dragon BTW)

ABC Second Life Training Group

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