The Game within the Game

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Life is nothing but a game. We decide on the ‘way’ we want to play it, which rules set by others we choose to follow and how we respond to victory or defeat. I have been away from Esperance island for a week leading a ‘future media’ conference on another island called Tasmania. As part of that conference Rock Sonic (a great writer avie) and I created a game for the participants, a quest, part truth, part fiction but something to inspire them to give a presentation based on their own experience of the gameplay. I made a part of it on Esperance that I talk about below.

Benvenuti to the final resting place of the famiglia Zanchetta.
To find who you are looking for, make your way to the archway.
But please walk lightly on this land. The spirits are weary and do not like to be disturbed.

“Through the Divine Arch”

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It is great fun creating simple games in this world. I have done a few quests that are cryptic and play on our reality here, but for team building exercises creating something in a couple of hours is possible. Objects (that contain sounds, clue notes, triggers etc) can be built quickly and also match the story environment. This one was about granite mining so of course the guides, which I called Sentinals, were animated granite monoliths. Each one guided the four teams to the next challenge. The game was not that complicated. Follow a route to a graveyward. Find a specific grave to get the final instructions to the last clue in this world. There were some hurdles to overcome, such as a team split, a thick fog on the graveyard and a shark guarding the last clue. Some music and sound effects placed strategically around the route added atmosphere. Everyone I spoke to enjoyed the twenty plus minute linear gameplay though.

“Across the Bridge of Deth”

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The Mists of Time are here to protect those that rest within.
Find the grave of the ancestor you are looking for and click on it.
But take care not to click on the wrong grave.
The spirits do not take lightly to being awoken before their time.

“Into the Graveyard”

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“and the mists of time”

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You have discovered the holy site of my remains.
But the key to my death is not found here but in the watery grave where I lost my life.
Walk to the sea and turn left. Follow the coastline towards the sun.
Turn left at the boat with blue sails.
Tis a long walk so make haste.

“the long walk home”

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“the leap of life”

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Bravo. You have done well.
Now you must cross the Bridge of Life to where the Lamp Post stands.
There you will find a diving board over the water, my secret lies in the treasure chest below.
Jump in if you dare, but LOOK OUT for the cause of my demise.

“the final choice, the final clue”

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Finally for some of the projects on the conference we created quite a few interesting projects in this world that I will talk about – without revealing too much as they are very, very cool and a bit secret for the moment.

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PS: This simple game is still available on Esperance for a few weeks. It is part of a much bigger game, but you will probably find the misty graveyard element fun as a standalone element 😉

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