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Some strange things been happening recently. With the voice thing in the Robbie class in the last post and now being seen and chatted to from the bio world. Not sure exactly what is going on but a young lady ‘noob’ type avie called Destroy Television, is apparently broadcasting (in short bursts) our world out to the bio world and they are talking back through her. Yes you heard it. I met Destroy on Sheep Island and multiple people were chatting through her from the bio world! Crazy.

The bios see what Destroy sees (the small lady on the right with “Broadcasting SL Live” over her head.)


I was then joined by the co-creator of this SNOOPYbrown Zamboni who told me what was going on. Destroy’s view is being sent to a website called and to flickr. It should be streaming video (next version) but at the moment is just still images. SNOOPY called it betaverse. Viewers on the bio website get updated snapshots but can also send chat through the website, and through Destroy’s avie to our world. Very cool. Now I can find out all about those bios out there. See what makes them tick. I said it would be good to have a camera so we can ‘perform’ to it and the bio audience, so I gave SNOOPY a camera I had built based on bio world designs. You can see it in all the shots here. Perhaps they may use it? The other creator Rik Reil appeared briefly and was talking to a bio called Jerry on the other side. Still trying to work out the consequences of this.

I was given this shot of what the bios see on their websites.


You can see our meeting in a series of images at this flickr stream website thing. My meeting is around the 20061023 08:57:30 series of images. This is one of those images.

Flickr Image

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