Preparing a Haunted House

On the grave

As I have been doing for the past few months I am continuing to train talented avatars in the many skills in this world. They often come as newbies so after giving them the grand tour I then go into basic tips on how to survive here, all the tools, how to communicate, some of the dangers and only then do we go on to learning. It has been great fun teaching them such things as how to animate themselves, how to build, design and animate objects, how to film using the many cameras in here and next week how to make the place ‘sound’ exciting. As part of this creating the sounds around you we will be sound designing a space-ship and a haunted castle set, with the idea that this would help them develop sound for games. I just spent a couple of hours setting up a ‘mute’ forest, graveyard and interiors of a horror castle. Still some work to go. But it has been useful hanging out in Midian (which has strangely disappeared today – sure it will be back) and the City of Lost Angels – useful being immersed in some of the ambience from these places. We will be a) doing constant ambient, background and environmental sound, b) random ambient sound (for horror this would be occassional screams, thuds etc:) and c) interactive sound, what happens when you walk into somewhere, touch something or it is triggered by a timer. Anyway as I haven’t blogged for a while here are some pics with me and my Island boss A. Ebi, she was posing for the pictures…

I built the scene into a closed black production set.

Production View

The fog makes a big difference to the feel, even when it is silent

Long Shot

Props scattered around all ready for those interactive sound effects

REverse Shot

More tombstones ready for random ambient sounds. There is a lot in the castle to set-up for possible game-like sound, will save that for another post.

The Statue

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