The World Grinds to a Halt

I woke up this morning to a world stuck in time. Apparently someone here has released a self-replicating ‘virus’ of sorts that was about to fill the world with objects bringing it to its knees. In response the powers that be (whoever they are) have deactivated all our scripts, the life blood that animates and controls our systems – in the bio world this is like turning off something called electricity. Anyway nothing works, doors dont open, teleporters are disabled, all our attachments rendered useless, no sound – it is all very eerie. I got back to my house later on and found a massive 800 prim spaceship had fallen from the sky and crash landed in my backyard, its operating system frozen, no one around, they just left it lying there. Some astronauts!

Grey Goo Spaceship

Posted by Gary Hazlitt from inside Second Life

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