Teaching the Tools of the Trades

Designer 01

Start of a few posts about training sessions I do on the island. I have only just started taking pictures of these so the first couple are of a designer group of seven who were extremely talented and built quite a few impressive sculptures, some animated, after only a few hours instruction. A few of them had never built anything in 3D before, which is odd as this world ‘is’ 3D, so presumably not built anything, period? Anyway here we were collaboratively building a drum kit all at the same time while one of us shouted out instructions. Later some real interesting sculptures came out, some are still on Esperance.

Designer 02

The next picture is from one of the films the seven cinematographers and editors did. It captures some of the atmosphere of the film and the quality of their compositional and storytelling abilities. It was great watching them use the scripted, triggered, handheld and dolly cameras and their natural ability just flowed out.

Joyride 2

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