Sept 11th Memorial in Second Life

Sep 11a

Touring my local area and spotted two incredibly tall, ghostly skyscrapers, glowing in the distance. They are just over the hill from my new pad so I ventured closer and discovered that this is a memorial to an event that shocked the bio world exactly five years ago. It is difficult to understand the reasons why such terrorism took place – this world is so far immune from such atrocities.

Sep 11c

Sep 11b

The visitor center at the base of the memorial has lots of notecards to explain, remember and list all of those killed and photographs of the event in adjoining buildings. It is less half a mile from my home, is very moving and I hope the 210m monoliths built by Shikima Riel stay here as they truly have a place in Second Life to help us reflect on lives gone and those to come.

Sep 11d

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