The House that Jjason Built – with a lot of help from Elvawin

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This world has a wide range of architecture. Much of it has been imported, so to speak, from the bio world and replicas of that worlds cities and famous buildings abound. But as I have said many times in previous posts, why not fire the imagination and create never before seen builds that utilise some of the unique features of this world. One of my in-world colleagues and Esperance LAMP office resident Jjason Jedburgh has been involved for quite a few weeks building his dreamhouse here. He took the intelligent step of employing an experienced architect called Elvawin Rainbow who has built over 50 custom homes before and has some words of wisdom for wannabe architects. Both of them showed me around their creation yesterday while I asked questions and took pictures. We talked about the concept, process and inspiration behind this wonderful, very livable and special creation. I joined them on a sunny Sunday evening and began by asking Elvawin a little about her background

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“I’ve been building custom homes for a while and they are a unique challenge in that it isn’t so much the architecture thats difficult but understanding what the customer wants. So its a lot of talking ‘tell me what you like, show me some things’ get to know them. So listening is as important a skill as building”

So Jjason talked and Elvawin listened and they went through numerous iterations. Jjason told me about some of the primary goals for his home.

“I wanted something that was breathtaking, yet elegant and sparse, something that would exhilarate with scale and aesthetic resonance. I wanted colours that were golden, yet translucent – full of heavenly light that would entrance and uplift. We experimented with numerous textures.”

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He talked privately later about this home being a kind of memorial to a family member he lost in the first world, and how it now has very personal significance but will respect his privacy before going into anymore detail. Jjason also came across like a boy with a new toy when he talked about some of the unique features of his new four and a half floor home.

“We experimented with balconies at first. They were initially a significant part of the design. The sweep of the glass, including transparent horizontals round the outer rim, allow the view to be enjoyed 360 degress. In the main accommodation privacy is afforded by configurable partitions, controls on either side, ocean or rear of building, north or south. The holodeck is available in the centre core section. “

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Elvawin talked further about some of these features

“Probably most of the house is scripted for control over privacy and still provide the open vista, the ability to control openess at whim. Each and every panel is scripted so you can open or close at whim as well as all at once. They are controllable by the owner of who he gives access to.”

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Jjason got even more enthusiastic when he talked about some of the interior design motifs

“Ultimately we chose this golden ambience, with the star motif in the centre and the aquarium is another feature that is in concert with the environment, but also functional because it allows access to each floor. The furnishings are both modern and sometimes gothic or morroccan. There is an artificial beach and fish as well as a waterfall that spans the distance from house to ocean”

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I was surprised when Elvawin told me that it only took one week to complete the actual build (Jjason joked that he only employs architects with whips, perhaps suggesting a slave/master-like work ethic?) and create this work of architectural splendour – but as was explained, the pre-production and conceptual design took many weeks prior. This reminded me somewhat of composers who write music in their heads and admit that getting the notes down on paper for others to play and hear is a final, relatively mundane task.

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Some of the buildings surrounding this house are very drab in comparison and I suggested that Elvawin needs to create a complete city, even though she is a self confessed ‘prim hog’.

“My plan is to buy an island or 12 or so someday and you will be able to see what I can really do” Jjason continued “yes, Elva should have done the entire suburb – but I couldn’t afford the land or the prims! The municipality would have thanked me.”

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So now it is built what is this masterpiece actually like to live in?

“I love sitting on the edge of the waterfall” said Elvawin.

“I love the roof. Sitting on the edge is heavenly and lying on the hammock at the outer circumference, listening to the wind and ocean below is sublime” said Jjason

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So I left Jjason and Elvawin to do some final tweaking to the swimming pool and central entrance hall and made my excuses. It is wonderful to see two people collaborate on producing something together that creates beauty in this world rather than just being a functional living environment.

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It should be a lesson to us all as well to plan and make sure our motivations are driven by more than just making money or increasing the value of the land. Architectural creativity, as always, needs to be focused on being innovative and functional leaving a legacy that we can all enjoy and admire. Jjason and Elvawins creation definitely falls in that camp and more importantly enhances the natural environment in the process.

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For those in the bio world who want to visit Jjasons house here is the Slurl link. Please respect his privacy while there naturally.

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