Progress or bad land management

So after less than 3 days of settling in three new neighbours appear and who are these folk? I was creating a nice place, blending in with the environment and I haven’t managed to get time to find the new neighbours online to chat to them. But my word their places leave a lot to be desired. The first one is just between me and the sci-fi sim, a platform mall floating off the ground and what are they selling? Slustler, this worlds erotic magazine.


Wonderful. Something blending in with the surroundings and creating a community – not! And what of other developments in this short time. In this world where you can build anywhere without recourse – so some of the other close neighbours decided to build on the left mountains, all fifty or so of them on disorganised tiny plots, bit of a mess. Oh and remember that nice view I had down the bay a few days ago well someone has built a lovely place on the ocean, not around the bay but in it! Right in sight. Arghh…
Ocean Build

Not that it is a bad build just totally inappropriate sitting right in the middle of the sea. Where are the architects, the community planners, land management? If this is progress in 3 days I don’t bear to think what a few weeks will bring.  The only course of action would seem to be the obligatory island. Still angry at these first few residents, be careful what you don’t wish for! Here is the reverse shot for reference. Anyway should be fun watching the rest of the developments for a while.
Hill Builds

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