Yay! New Land Ahoy

Well that was a short series of posts about looking for a new plot, after a couple of hours of searching it just appeared? Literally. As I was flying around in my land hunting jetpack I spotted a whole range of new land growing beneath me and not far from this a whole range of fresh new ‘for sale’ plots. How does this happen? Makes you almost believe in an invisible, mystical force connecting us all together that also has power over nature. Anyway back to the land. So I was after a great view (for the glass/grantite house I have customised), next to the sea, especially flying out over the sea from the house, and low lag. Oh and on a hill. Well would you believe it. Just look at this.

New Pad View

After a lengthy coversation about protected ocean, terraforming and developments with a lady from the ever present AnsheChung agency, I looked at a couple of nearby plots but was drawn back to this. Exactly same size and prim allowance as my old one but $10k less, plus I made a $10k profit. I was so excited I quickly erected a couple of big builds. The avie energy here is soooo fast. No one around for miles 😉 None of that city lag. The wind blows up the pass and the sailing is going to be great. Looking back from the sea you can see the lovely location.


Great for walks and I think I will do a time-lapse type sequence to show how it grows from these early views to being over-populated – to the point I have to leave again. Suppose after all the strange houses it will be the first mall and club appearing that will signal time to move yet again! Bit annoying all this but that’s progress I suppose. If that ‘cosmic force’ can keep making more land then I will just have to keep searching for new pastures. Anyway should be enjoying this moment of freedom (although Esperance is not too bad yet) here is the view now from the music top floor.

Top Floor New Pad

Lovely at sunrise. Might put the bed in here too 😉 The second floor is TV and large sofa (when I can find it again in my inventory), the bottom floor meeting and large real fire for those cold evenings. I have spotted some very. very interesting neighbours. Well they are actually a whole sim away. The one adjacent is called “The Sci-Fi Sim” and it is full of wonderful ‘modern’ buildings and transport. Will definitely be going for a walk at the weekend to check that out. The place is so tranquil I stimulates the creative juices. I also put up a quick gazebo on the lower level after I quickly terraformed three land tiers down to the sea – in fact less than an hour after buying, all the land and this was set-up, including the furniture. So quick. The area near the gazebo below will be my weekend morning relax area, reading the latest SL journals and listening to the morning birds. A few flowers, plants and perhaps a hammock. Nearly home sweet home.

Mountain View

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