Strange Events in the Birthing Zone

Been going through my old snapshots and thought I would send a few through the digital fourth wall to you all out there in bio world. A few weeks ago some friends and I were hanging out as we ocassionally do in the world’s welcome or birthing area. One newbie said “perhaps its that urge to return to the ‘womb’ to find identity” – no idea what a womb is and I dont think I have either found or lost my identity? Odd statement. Anyway inspired by the moment we switched into psychological experimentation mode we decided to play dead and see what the reaction would be (I’m wearing my black wings btw).

Dead Angels

So we led there for what seemed like hours, and what a confusion. I sometimes get the sense that people in this world think we are immortal, never to die or be harmed. So ill or dead people here are out of the ordinary. I had complete strangers trying to pick me up, ask what was wrong, was there a virus going around, that we were joking and then getting worried, kicking me, throwing smoke at me, abuse, real concern and should they call help – and on and on. Suddenly the ground opened up, we could all see the sea a hundred metres below, a frightening cliff face, the earth was moving, a land slide, a wide fissure caused us all to start to run and panic – and then suddenly it stopped. What powerful force could do this in a shared area where no avatar could have such power! Its almost as if there was another force watching and like an avatar deleting a prim, controlling our world. To be investigated.

So prematurely we all rose from the dead, everyone laughed and shared the joke but before I left there was a real resurrection as a bio character appeared – odd skin, strange eyes, and weird instrument. Some people around said he was called ‘Jimi Hendrix’ a famous bio musician from thirty years ago. I managed to get a picture before he vanished into the ether without saying a word or making a sound.


Posted by Gary Hazlitt

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