Climbing the Land Ladder

I have never enjoyed all the time wasting that goes with looking for a new place and it seems I have had my personal land on sale for an eternity. Now it is sold I am faced with the long, tortuous search for a new place. Given the amount of time I seem to be spending on Esperance it seems less important but I have to find somewhere soon as the island is slowly being invaded by colleagues. My previous spot that I had for a long time was lovely in the beginning. As below, great views of the ocean, forests all around, airy big glass house, high ceilings, walk down to a river and so on.

Gary's Matisse Place

But as I said earlier a shopping mall moved in below the hill and cluttered the sky with ads. Then the owners, a Gorean group, built houses on two sides. Then Wiccans (witches) moved onto the other side and many then put barriers up all around which stopped me flying or walking to the coast or sailing down the river. Finally to top it all of a once friendly neighbour put a 200m tall skyscraper up in the middle of all of this on some kind of ego trip. Thats progress for you – just look at the below two pictures to see how it changes in a few short months! Time to sell.

New Mattise 2

That was my little plot on the hill. Once a few nice beach neighbours and now a thriving but very laggy wannabee metropolis. Even since I sold a large mall has moved in just to the left of my ‘once’ hill. I remember the days  when this was five or so friendly neighbours and walks to the beach and boating on the rivers. Ahh happy days. Still onwards and upwards!
New Matisse

Made a little profit but not ‘my’ reason for buying land – unlike a few others. So in looking for a new place to build and call home this is what we are faced with in this world…

Land Sales

thousands of potential plots. A few hundred in ones price range and land size and then about thirty or so that may be worth checking out. Already seen ten and quite dissapointed. I am constantly looking at the likely developments, strange sky dwellings or crude buildings and have even chatted to a few potential neighbours to see what sort of place it is. If I find a place with lots of space around it I think that a club or mall will move in next door or someone whose idea of a house is grey rectangular monster, modelled on single prim with a hollowed centre. If I see something too developed I then notice the lag and I can hardly move – one place I looked at had three spaces around it and a club on the fourth side, I know why it was vacant city, clubs use so much of the mystical ‘collective’ energy, that should be democratically shared. If it is on the coast I have to check it is protected and there won’t be another landmass added a week later. Finally to make things even more tricky one is faced with the question of terraforming, can I customise the land for certain builds – oh and then the sun positions and on and on. Anyway will keep you up to date with the quest. Here is a typical example of a spot worth considering. Protected waterway and quiet not too developed neighbours on each side – bit small though and claustrophobic. Really need 4096+. Even better I would be great to share a full island with three others. If you fancy contact me in-world but will keep a look out for new land, the early bird, buy early etc:
One Spot

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