Forest of dreams and nightmares

Forgot to mention that last week I was inspired by a colleague’s project, to create a temporary gothic forest set on Esperance which combines enchantment and fear. This dark wood has storm sound effects, random fog and around it’s perimeter, images of war bio children. It is about memory, those ‘dark’ things trapped in our brains, hidden between the phantom branches of time. Will be adding random child voices soon. But if your flying by drop in (literally) and tell me what you think, its in the production backlots, opposite the P3 tower, for a couple of weeks from this post time. Set your time to midnight and wander.
Childhood Forest

Posted by Gary Hazlitt from inside Second Life

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  1. Punkey Quackenbush says:


    Thank you for the beautiful places you desribe in SL. I am pretty new to this world and your tales are a great help for me to get around and explore new places. I wonder if you can incorporate the coordinates in your post so we can visit the place upon reading about it…Once again, thank you and keep up the good work

  2. Gary Hazlitt says:

    Hey Punkey,

    Great to know your reading my in-world rambles and that you found the travels useful to you 😉 Were you reading my posts in-world too?

    It is a great idea for me to include coordinates, silly me forgetting. I will add them retrospectively as coords and SLURLS (because some bios need to get from web pages straight to the point in world) – also in future too.

    Best Regards and if your on Esperance give me a shout!


  3. Punkey Quackenbush says:

    Oh, can I read them in-world too? Excellent! I will visit Esperance very shortly!

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