Another set, another movie

Been involved as trainer, cameraman and set builder today with five other AFTRS student avies on a very, very large set floating 300m above Esperance making ‘machinima’. Not sure what that word actually means, but in this world we just use cinema? – why put the word machine in there? Odd. Anyway my goodness this was a BIG set, a very BIG set. I did the main BIG grafitti structure, some shops and action sets while a cool, talented avie called Grafix built the mall’soleum (the arched shop thingys). Imposing or what? I am the black dot down there, by the way!



I have been sworn to secrecy about the story behind the film and also early cuts of it are also appearing in a bio TV show coming up, which should be fun – if I could ever see bio TV ;-( While I filmed, my avie sister ‘AFTRS Ebi’ (the black haired lady) appeared with Grafix, Rock (on marimba), Julius, Koutzsafti and Akrydd in the band scene at the end which was great fun…

Machy Band

There were a few scenes, before this big finish jam on these un-worldy instruments, starring Koutzsafti as a down-trodden builder (no more spoilers Gary!). Here he is in a funny store scene and then playing an odd tubular instrument leading to the final scene.

In the Shop

Last Post

I told a few of the actors that they needed to sort their skin out for the next film which they are doing – we have to keep up appearances here on Esperance. Finally here is a closer shot of the band as we grooved. Very impressed with Julius (the big guy) who managed to play all those drum-thing instruments, spinning and dancing in the process, and as for Akrydd the Furry well his bass playing just rocked 😉

Band Grooving

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