Strange Musical Instruments

Those AFTRS folk are doing some machinima and one scene requires a few of us to play ‘so-called’ music instruments. I put some of the ones that are available in this world out on the stage and it suddenly dawned on me how weird they all look. Here they are:


First thing I noticed is that they all have fixed textures that don’t animate. Why? Very boring if you ask me. Also the black thing called a ‘piano’ and the orange thing called a ‘marimba’ has an odd key arrangement of a bottom and top row of keys – would take ages to work out how to play it properly, why make it so hard. A few instruments have strings on them and they sound slightly different from each other but not that much that you would need a different instrument, in this world you simply choose a different sound, why change instruments? Weird. All the others you hit and again they all give slightly different thuds or ringing sounds, again why not have one of our worlds animated instruments with lots of different sounds in. Still some avatars here like these bio-instruments, I think they like to pretend they are bios and they make movies where they do pretend to be like bios – I believe there are treatment centres starting up here for that kind of behaviour.

Posted by Gary Hazlitt from inside Second Life

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