Island Hopping Part One

Well I decided to do a little neighbourly island hopping. I know we can all teleport anywhere but I wanted to prepare just in case we lost our teleporting ability and note down any nearby islands that I could sail or fly over to, sort of. Really I am just nosy and want to see whose around. So as you can see from this first exploratory map there are around seven islands closeby.
Esperance Nearby Islands

The one just above and to the left is nearest Esperance and only about one minute to fly or five to sail. I noticed it was called Kittyland and decided to pop-over. There was no one there at the time and arriving it felt very residential until I spotted some reocgnisable platforms heading skywards in the distance.


Well its a small world. Here is good old DanCoyote Antonelli again – the main artist from the New West visit I did a few days ago. Weird. What a small world this is! All the other buildings on this double island are very residential, a few furries tree houses but mostly a sleepy domestic place. Getting nearer to the art work in the corner


and I spotted some great animated layered, texture works across the various floors. Very DCA. Here also references to his aeriel piece ZeroG on the notice boards – all very odd being just across the water from Esperance. I spotted again the art rubric

1st Generation:  Paintings, digital or otherwise uploaded into SL
2nd Generation: Art made with only SL default inventory materials
3rd Generation:  The synthesis of 1st and 2nd Generation and  scripting

Definitely 4th generation for me then as I am not keen on the 1st gen stuff.


Anyway great that this is my first island hop, a peaceful artistic community. Will report again from other local communities for now though something about that sixth finger thing I keep seeing everywhere…

The sixth finger symbolizes the computer cursor, or mankind’s intervention into the metaverse (VR).  The black hand itself attempts to make the connection between pre-historic artists who painted their own handprint on the walls of caves over 16,000 years ago and the similar efforts of artists today in the virtual world.
I have also used the sixth finger as a metaphor for human adaptation to the world of wonder we inhabit in Second Life.  Thanks Linden Labs and cheers to the whole community in Second Life!
DanCoyote Antonelli and

I have heard about early mankind and someone once said it is similar to this world at the moment, I have no frame of reference but I do like the idea that I am the start of a new evolutionary path.

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