3rd Generation Art – Trip to New West Exhibit

Thought I would take a short break from building the Esperance experience and do some local island hopping which I will tell you about later. Before I went touring some really interesting neighbourly places just across the water from Esperance, I decided to check out this well publicised exhibition on a part of the mainland called ‘Brilliant’ – and it was. The New West show of fine art was a great way to relax and stimulate the digital grey matter. The exhibit for me was on three levels (the ground floor buildings public display and then only a jet pack away, the sandbox and performance area). Here are two pictures I took of the main area

New West 02

New West 01

One of the main items on the lower level was Amoration aka ManorMeta – Crystalline Home by In Kenzo and Common Cure. A magical place of translucent geology and dispersed colours.


Next to Amoration was a truly interactive item called Aqua that required you to enter, a sort of living maze of blue and pink walls that rotated and created never-ending perspectives combined with an element of survival! Created by Selaras Partridge you can also click panels out of (and in to) the way while walking in and through the installation. That black dot is me by the way…

There were a few smaller traditional items and I really liked the very detailed texture and voluptuous shape of the metallic Brass Dragon by Lynnor Richelieu


Another favourite was also the most simple. Giovanni Tweak’s Light Path had 12 changing colour lights, in parallel lines that you walked within. It cast very interesting light patterns on me as I travelled through it. I am wearing a black top hence the bodyless look 😉
Light Path

I have seen something similar to ‘Primolution’ by Stella Costello on the NMC campus so not sure if this is by the same artist or not. This piece took the concept one step further by having one of us avatars jumping out the end of the piece. Very cute.


In the main New West gallery building there were a lot of two dimensional paintings and moving texture based art works, but I was in a 3D mood and two items that caught my eye were there as decoration I think – in the blurb they were referred to, I think, as 3rd generation Second Life Art, made entirely here in this world and appropriate to this world – and there is me thinking everything was made in here. But Dancoyote Antonelli, who is the featured artist here at the moment, used this principle of 3D fly-through, dna/fractal structures in some of the larger works in the sky I will talk about later. The two here were called ‘Round Flappy Tree’ (according to the edit name) and another untitled (or I couldn’t find it), here they are

Round Flappy Tree


Going skywards now and one has two options, to use the teleporter to the top of the Modernist Marvel building here:

Modernist Marvel

and to look at the 2D art on each floor (which I did aswell) or to put on the jet-pack and explore even further vertically. I went to the middle level a hundred metres above this building, an exhibition sandbox, which was fantastic and had my real favourite works. The first really hit my Second Life aesthetic soft-spot, the Morphing Sculpture by Sasun Steinbeck. Here is some blurb before the pics:

This piece was born of my desire to create something beautiful that can only exist in SecondLife, something never before seen that exploits the power of the 3D environment. I wanted something very beautiful to look at, as well as fun for owners to play with. SecondLife gives us all amazing control over the shapes of the prims that we work with – but I wanted to make something that would create beautiful, complex, and unexpected shapes completely on it’s own, as if it were a living thing, morphing into completely different shapes with every touch.

Morphing 02

Morphing 01

I just so loved this. Think I will go back and buy it as it is the foundation of what I consider ‘my’ art in this world. A similar item on the sandbox platform (here are a couple of overview pictures by the way)

New West Sandbox 02

New West Sandbox 01
was Orbital Trip-lg by Sabine Stonebender. This reminded me of some of the early works by Clames Clanger, who is another, rotating metallic morphing, particle specialist. This had wonderful pastel colours and lovely smooth motion.

Orbital Trip

The final item I will talk about on this platform was the Pixel Board by ZenCoyote (who are Dancoyote Antonelli & ZenMondo Wormser). Pixel Board was very minimalist, basically black and white squares but a smaller control board allowed viewers to control the much, much larger screen and create a collaborative, changing grid. Fun to use and see what others have left.

Pixel Board

On the way up to the very top platform I bumped into a ZX4 Attack helicopter, literally. Built by David Street I am not sure what it was doing floating here, but thought I would walk on it and grab a photo 😉

ZX4 chopper

And so to the final area I visited on this short exploratory trip was the ZeroG Skydancer Performance Space. There were performances here a few days ago and I have seen videos and it looked staggering. Avatars flew around with long trails behind them and the piece rotated and morphed. Here I am floating in the centre of the performance, fractal/dna type centre piece.

Skydancer 01

Antonelli calls his art “Hyperformalism” and to quote him “I am using a modernist mode to inch the viewers forward into a 3rd generation mode. First generation is art brought into Second Life, like I have here. Second generation is art made entirely in SL.”

Here is a final shot of the whole performance space in daylight which is probably not the best time to see this, but we can see the audience area, control platforms above and some of the grand, bold and 3rd generation work.

ZeroG 02

Phew. Great fun looking around and plenty to inspire. I love art that is evolving here in my world, less so the art that is imported from wherever, doesn’t quite fit. Will continue to generate my own works when I get time, and that is the difficult thing when I only seem to be living in here a couple of hours a day? Wish I had a full 24 hour day that I have heard those bios get.

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