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Someone (who shall remain nameless) passing through Esperance gave me this list of the most popular places that bio’s go to when they are in our world. I have been to most already but it is interesting to see what non-avatars like, tourists to our world if you like. Often what we find pretty normal they find really exciting? Weird that.
Top 20 sights in Second Life (Channel 4)

1. Black Library – Literature, arts, games, and more.
2. Dragon Moon Resort – Relaxed atmosphere. Regular concerts and events.
3. The Cliffs of BonnyDoon – Newly opened build in Liferain Park. Majestic falls, towering cliffs, a treetop village, and subterranean caverns.
4. Galaxy Sci-Fi Sim – Join Starfleet Academy. The group has regular role play events, tactical training, bi-Annual Banquets and more.
5. Gris-Gris Land – Stunning futuristic architecture by Milo Bellow. “Mad Gods and Englishmen…”
6. Intermundia – Art Space of Nebulosus Severine. Evolving installation work.
7. Little Silent Hill – Re-creation of locations from the survival horror game series.
8. Mars Japanese Gardens – A wild and romantic Japanese park style garden.
9. Nakama – A huge Japanese city, divided into different anime themed regions.
10. Nexus Prime – Vast cyberpunk city. Lots to explore and hidden areas to discover.
11. The Port – Arena for projects which create new links between first and second life.
12. Pot Healer Adventure – Immersive game of exploration and puzzles.
13. Sci-Fi Geeks Museum – Full size starships, interactive holodeck, movies, events, fan art, and more.
14. Suffugium – Dystopian future city with cyberpunk influences.
15. Svarga – A fully functional artificial ecology system.
16. Voted 5 Group Land – Caution! Ego-free zone. Sense of humour advisable.
17. Avalon Island – Beautiful architecture and one of Second Life’s best cinemas play host to a variety of real world companies and organisations.
18. Shiny Things – Shoes and jewellery designed for the most discerning residents of Second Life.
19. Support for Healing Island – offers nightly depression support groups in beautiful surroundings.
20. Sick Cat – Art installation exploring the possibilities of mind uploading.

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  1. Black Library auf Games1…

    In Just Virtual werden die 20 interessantesten Orte in Second Life aufgelistet, so wie es der Autor sieht.
    Nun gut, schauen wir uns mal den ersten Ort auf der Liste an: Black Library,

    Als ich dort ankam, unterhielten sich gerade drei Frauen üb…

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