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Esp Harp 02

Hi again. Sun morn on Esperance. Thought I would fiddle and finish off the harp – or make it playable by anyone, so come along and have a go. Would be interested to know what you think 😉 It is on the theatre stage at the moment. I have created four layers of sounds, bass sounds on the left (larger strings), then ethereal pads next six or seven, then sequences (sounds that have a rhythm) and then at the top you have lead or thematic elements. Any sound can work with any other and it is amazing how addictive it is after a while – the sounds are not pre-loading yet (later) so it takes a short while first time to bring them in, after that they are instant. The strings will be coloured for each sound type later, and they all change to transparent, glassy texture when they are active (might make them glow more – will see if I get time)…anyway not bad for a couple of hours work, including the build of the structure, if I say so myself. I hope us avies enjoy it even though a lot of the sounds were generated in some other world – hehe.

Lots of marketing things – boring I know – to do in-world later, but ya gotta pay ya rent somehow 😉

ESP Harp 03

From Gary Hazlitt posted inside Second Life

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