Never the Same Twice

As mentioned earlier I have been creating a soundscape floor in the pyragoda bottom floor, where there is a growing collection of AFTRS film stills. The idea was to create a constantly evolving and changing filmic soundscape for visitors to the gallery. So I created eight blocks spread around the floor, each with three fade-in and fade-out string theme fragments – all in the same Gm key. The music evolves because within each block the sound is randomly selected and also as you move around the volume of each block varies creating something unique to each avie who visits. I will be adding other sounds to the installation including digeridoo, harp and flute pads – the key is to make the sounds work with each other in any of the million combinations that will happen as they randomly overlap. So far it sounds very promising as it fits with the moodly look of the film stills from that other world and I look forward to visitor comments.

Filmic Blocks

Posted by Gary Hazlitt from Second Life

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