A little background

Sorry been real busy in here over the last few days so apologies. I am writing this from my little window on the small world that is Esperance, inside Second Life (my world) and thought a little introduction is required. I am Gary Hazlitt and I have been inside this world a few times in the last few years but it was only a few months ago that I decided to stay. After buying a nice hill in Matisse a few months ago I have been exploring all the great creative things in here and have been making many myself which I will tell you about in future installments from my pod or new house.

Gary in Pod

Oh I was compelled to sell up in Matisse as the neighbourhood went from great to bad to worse – after a few malls and strange ‘Gorean and Wiccan’ neighbours, the ultimate was one so-called friendly neighbour who erected a two hundred metre skyscraper right in the middle of the residential area – even though they knew I hated such things. No manners. So much of that goes on like that here, don’t start me down that road. Still there are so many great things to tell you about.

I am only active for a couple of hours a day in here so even though I want to do so much I never really get time for all the creative things that I will be doing – machinima, music installations, set design, artworks, photography – oh the list goes on. At the moment AFTRS Ebi a lady in here who I will introduce you to later, is employed by a biological film school in Australia, and she has hired me to start the build of this island called Esperance, which is a full time job in itself – but it is going to be really cool. I will send another message and pictures a bit later of how that is going. For now though I must be off to finish a music installation in the bottom of the pyragoda, should be fun, you walk around eight spread point sources of randomised string themes that create a most wonderful filmic score which is different each time – easy to do, but don’t tell anyone. Well catch you later.

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